The 30% of the children of Canary are at risk of social exclusion

 The 30% of the children of Canary are at risk of social exclusion, which means 140.000 children from 400.000 of the total in the islands. For the president of “UNICEF Comité Español”, Carmelo Angulo, it has to be a source for concern.

The president of “UNICEF Comité Español, Carmelo Angulo has made these statements/declarations to the journalists after meeting with the president of the Government of Canary, Fernando Clavijo, and the vice-president, Patricia Hernández, to whom he has set out  the information/report “Equidad para los niños” (Equity for Children) in which it is written the inequality situation that nowadays are living millions of children in 41 countries of OCDE.

Carmelo Angulo has suggested to the Canary Government, that set in motion an allowance per child to families with lower resources and he has insisted on free education from 0 to 3 years old children, what covers the 10% of the population.

He has achieved the compromise of the Executive of rescuing the canary plan to infancy, that was signed in November 2014 and he has spoken about the possibility of creating a children’s commission and family in the canary Parliament and carry out a barometer of infancy, in which they ask children how they are in school.

In the same way, he has reported that the budget for children and family has fallen a 16,4% in Spain, at the contrary of Europe. It affects to the birth rate, due to the public assistances for each new born child are disappeared.


According to the president of “UNICEF Comité Español”, Spain is amongst the average of countries of OCDE in health and education of children, although this country has some income problems and dissatisfaction of children about their lifes.

Children are no satisfied with the life they are living because their parents have lost their jobs, or they had to move house, there are overcrowded conditions, stress at home and bullying at school, said Carmelo Angulo. He has also alerted about the bad situation of Spain in terms of incomes, loss of employment, the fall of public budgets support guided to family and infancy.

“In Spain, there are a 25% of people who do not work or study and more than a half are young people unemployed”

The president of “UNICEF Comité Español” has also alerted that current children could be the first generation who live worst than their parents.

“We will pay a high price if we do not situate infancy as an inexcusable priority”, added Carmelo Angulo.

*Fuente: Agencia EFE