Ten ludic and sport activities of the project “UP2U”, that teach young people the value of integration and the work toguether

 Next Sunday, January 8th, the beach of “Las Canteras” will become a sport meeting point and an act of solidarity by the hand of the project “UP2U Depende de Tí”, and by means of contribute the society of young people, in this case, through sport activity.

January, 8th 11:00 – 17:00 hours, the beach will receive a non-invasive sport activity each 350 meters and it will allow  young people who takes part of it, to participate together. The beginning of the haul could be done in both, “Saulo Torón” square and in the junction “Bernardo de la Torre” or “Churruca” square.

The gymkhana combines exercises that contribute mental, physical and spiritual health, always with a ludic point of view, and an established health competence between participants, whom should pass some races and obstacles to be rewarded with a stamp in a “passport” every time they get it. If participants complete five activities, they will get access to a prize, although everyone that participates in at lest one activity, could participate too in the toss of the big final prize: a trip to Tenerife with tickets for “Siam Park”.

The initiative wants to contribute the integration into society of the young people

For the Magistrate Reyes Martel, the instigator of this initiative, “UP2U” is a help project, that allows integrate the young people with behavioral problems or at risk of social exclusion into society, through different initiatives (technical and ludic), and supported by sport and training workshops, we hope to achieve the aim of a new model of society that improve the current one in all aspects”.

For the jurist, “in the achievement of these objects, it is essential the collaboration of both, educators, mentors and volunteers, as the involvement of institutions and the corporate sector with training workshops, physical and sport activities etc”.

They could participate in this gymkhana young people between 8 – 16 years old in “Las Canteras”, but with the permission of their parents or guardians.

Each participant could start the haul in both, “Saulo Torón” square, or in the junction “Bernardo de la Torre” or “Churruca” square. From theses places participants could do the haul any way they like, stamping the passport, that certifies their participation in each one of the installed stage of the activities.

Everyone is sure to win a prize, if they hand in the passport with 5 stamps of 5 activities.

The main prize will be raffled to those who certified have taken park in at least one activity. All passports will be introduced inside urns located in each stage. Subsequently, it will be raffled a trip to Tenerife by ship and with car for five people, who will count with tickets for Siam Park.

These activities should be developed to compete for these prizes:

– Body Board in “La Cícer”

– Football in “El Rincón”

– Beach Tennis Playa in “La Cícer”

– Outdoor cycling in the gangway of “La Cicer”

– Basketball in “Churruca-Secretario Padilla”

– Beach Golf in front of “Peña la Vieja”

– Thalassotherapy and Relax in “Luis Morote”

– Amphibious Chair “San José” Clinic

– Sand sculpture in “Saulo Torón” square

– Kayak in “Victoria” club


The purpose of each one of these activities is clear. The instructors will make participants understand that.

Football contributes the group dynamic in working together, and the vision of game and fellowship, that will break the ice and give free reign to naturalness and enjoy of the king of sports.

Boby Board enjoys the challenge of waves and share learnings between difficulty, balance and agility dynamics.

Beach Tennis contributes to the precision and coordination of an activity, in which the sand is part of the difficulty and the participant have to improve his moves to play back.

The outdoor cycling will help to highlight, that the way is not so long if we pedal together.

The golf course sep up in the sand, being the green colour the synonymous of hope, will incentive young people to develop their shot acuity to score hole in the fewest number of moves.

The relax will be provided by the Thalassotherapy. Body movements by the pace of waves and invigorated by the instructor, who will make participants switch off of time and space. It will make them enjoy an individual moment with themselves and their own sensations.

The Amphibious Chair has a double purpose. In one hand, it will bring the possibility of participants with any disability can be at one with water. Counting with the help of others the Amphibious Chair will offer the pleasure of helping whose who really need help and it makes them want it.

The sand sculpture has as a purpose working in the sand with the logo of the project UP2U, showing that it is possible to achieve any object by working.

Basketball is a teamwork, but in this occasion will have the added difficulty of not bouncing the ball in a regular floor, so teams will work with the support of the instructor with the only aim of scoring.

Lastly, Kayak will offer participants of this gymkhana the possibility of traveling the sea and enjoy  really special moments discovering the different places, that hides the bar of “Las Canteras” beach. This haul will make switch off most of participants and make them realize life could be observed from more than one point of view.