Deport Vida

Sport competitions

Chicos jugando en la playa

Deport Vida is a program of sport competitions (football, basketball and water sports) and it borns with the premise of encourage the connection to the physical, sport, healthy and egalitarian practice, which promotes the social cohesion.

Some leagues will be developed by different sport emplacements and installations in an itinerant way. They are aimed to integrate young people in society and promote the sport and healthy practice.

We talk about teams composed mainly by young people of school age. It will be encouraged the connection of participants through parallel educational activities, including in some cases the participation of the family. Volunteers will act as social change agents, in order to carry out this work.

The harmonious combination between physical, emotional, spiritual, biological and social factors will be encouraged through a process of mentoring and coaching, achieving a bigger development and growth of the young people.