For social inclusion of young people

The International Forum is one of the cardinal points of the project. An important connection of meeting of both, institutions and associations, and personalities of national and international level, that work in area of minors.

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It pretends to be an enriching source of ideas and debates between all social agents, that will allow to define the main lines of work that will be implemented through the Program of Social Inclusion of Minors throughout year.

This Forum will carry out in November 20th, 21th and 22th, 2016, on the occasion of “The International Children’s Day” in Alfredo Kraus Auditorium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Jurists, professors or public officials linked to the Juvenile and Social Affairs areas will take part to deal with aspects as family conciliation, protection of rights of young people against media and freedom of expression, as well as the legislative differences and similarities in different countries in the figure of teenagers with the purpose of integrate the young people, who are in social exclusion in society.

A constructive message will be sent through different conferences and committees, giving the necessary tools to enjoy life with healthy habits with no need of resorting to alcohol or drugs.

We influence positive and viable models, in order to show a healthy and creative funny style, and we avoid to stigmatize information and people.


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Mariano David García Esteban

Magistrado del Juzgado de Menores nº 3 de Barcelona

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Miguel Ángel Betancor León

Doctor en Psicopedagogía Catedrático de Teoría e Historia de la Educación de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Member Photo

Mercedes Martínez Sánchez

Magistrada del Juzgado de Menores nº 2 de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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César Fernández Alonso

Inspector Jefe del Grupo de Delitos Tecnológicos. Brigada Provincial de Policía Judicial de Las Palmas

Member Photo

Sadot Javier Andrade Martínez

Magistrado del Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Distrito Federal. México

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María Dolores Aguirre Guarrochena

Jueza de Menores de la 4ª Nominación de Rosario. Argentina

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Cristina Merino Ortiz

Doctora en Psicología. Profesora asociada en Análisis y Procesos de Gestión de Conflictos, Facultad de Psicología. Profesora en Grado de Criminología, Universidad del País Vasco. Abogada y mediadora en el Servicio de Mediación Familiar del Gobierno Vasco

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Daniel Montesdeoca Rodríguez

Doctor en Derecho. Abogado. Profesor de Derecho Penal de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Member Photo

María Auxiliadora Díaz Velázquez

Magistrada del Juzgado de Violencia sobre la Mujer nº 2 de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Eva Saavedra Montero

Magistrada del Juzgado de Menores nº 1 de Segovia

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Reyes del Carmen Martel Rodríguez

Magistrada del Juzgado de Menores nº 1 de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Inmaculada Carretero Moreno

Presidenta de la organización MeSumaría

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Antonio María Iñigo Salinas

Jurista en Fundación Diagrama

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Marina García Jarillo

Licenciada en Psicología. Máster Universitario en Psicología Clínica y de la Salud, y en Psicología General Sanitaria, por la Universidad de Murcia

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Alberto López Marcos

Coordinador técnico de centros y programas de Fundación Diagrama en la provincia de Castellón


13:00 RECEPTION AND PROVISION OF DOCUMENTS By the Committee of Honor. Auditorium Alfredo Kraus en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
13:30 INAUGURATION ACT OF THE FORUM AND INTERNATIONAL WELCOME H.E. Mrs. Patricia Hernández Gutiérrez. Vice-President of the Canary Government and Counsellor of Employment, Social Policies and Housing of the Canary Government.
H.E. Mr. Néstor Hernández López. Committee for Social Inclusion and Eradication of Poverty.
H.E. Mr. Jerónimo Saavedra Acevedo. Delegate
H.E. Mr. Antonio Morales Méndez. President of Inter-Island Council of Gran Canaria.
H.E. Mr.  Antonio Doreste Armas. President of The Supreme Court of Justice of Canary Islands.
H.E. Mr.  Álvaro Cuesta Martínez. Member of the General Council of the Judiciary.
H.E. Mr.  Vicente Garrido García. Chief Prosecutor of The Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia.
Mr.  Miguelo Betancor León. President of the Basketball Team Gran Canaria.
Mr.  Nicolás Ortega Ramos. Vice-president of the Football team Las Palmas.
Mr.  Héctor de Armas Torrent. Vice-president of the Foundation “Ralons”.
Mr.  Germán Suárez Domínguez. President of “Astican”.
Mr.  Mario Romero Mur. President of the Businessmen Society of Gran Canaria.
Mr.  Agustín Manrique de Lara. President of the Canary Confederation os Businessmen. Mr.  Amos García Rojas, President of the Committee UNICEF of Canary Islands
Mr. Mrs  The Representative of the Foundation MAPFRE Guanarteme.
15:00 LUNCH
09:00 CONFERENCE: “Thoughts about Juvenile Justice in Spain almost a century after its birth” Mr. Tomás Montero Hernanz. Technical Director of Childcare of the Committee of Castilla y León.
09:45 ROUND TABLE: “Restorative Justice, a motivation for change” Mrs. Rosalía Fernández Alaya, Magistrate Judge of the Provincial Court of Las Palmas Sec 3ª.
Mr. Daniel Montesdeoca Rodríguez, Doctor of Laws in the field of Criminal Law and Restorative Justice.
Mr. Samuel Carmona Heredia, Olympic Athlete of Boxing.
Mr. Fernando Álvarez Ramos, Coordinator of the judicial psychosocial team. Dept. of Public Administration and Justice of the Basque Government.
H.E. Mrs. María José Rua Portu, Judge of Juvenile Court nº1 of Donostia – San Sebastián.
11:00 CONFERENCE: “Emotional and behavioral disorders and addictions in teenagers”
Dr. Mrs. Sabrina González Santana, Psychiatrist of the Day Hospital Infarto-Juvenil of Las Palmas G.C.
11:45 Pause for coffee
12:15 CONFERENCE: “Challenges of turning into a system of accusatory and juvenile responsibility: Chilean experience”
Mr. Sergio Troncoso Espinoza, Judge of Family Court of La Sirena, Chile.
13:00 CONFERENCE: “The combined judgement of minors and adults in age of legal responsibility: A possible reform of future” Mr. Alejandro Vian Ibañez, Magistrate Judge specialist of the Jurisdiction for minors. Juvenile Court nº1 of Sevilla.
14:30 LUNCH
16:00 SPORT ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE BEACH Las Canteras beach – La Cicer (Next to the auditorium Alfredo Kraus)
09:15 CONFERENCE: “Protection of the rights of minors against media” Mrs. Edurne Uranga Mutuberria. Magistrate Judge specialist in Minors, Coordinator of “CENDOJ”.
10:00 CONFERENCE: “Family and gender violence by hands of minors: Problematic questions and solutions”
Mr. David García Esteban, Magistrate Judge specialist of the Jurisdiction for minors. Juvenile Court nº3 of Barcelona.
10:45 CONFERENCE: “New criminal law for teenagers in  Mexico” Mr. Faustino Carrillo Ahumada. Judge of Superior Court of Mexico.
11:30 Pause for coffee
12:00 CONFERENCE: “Criminal law against the higher minor interest” Mr. Fernando Navarro Cardoso. Professor of Criminal Law of the University of Las Palmas
12:45 CONFERENCE: “The execution of measures in open system” Mrs. Montserrat García Díez, Coordinator Prosecutor for Minors.
14:30 CLOSING CEREMONY Auditorium Alfredo Kraus
16:00 SPORT ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE BEACH  Las Canteras beach – La Cicer (next to the auditorium Alfredo Kraus)