Training workshops

UP2U supports young people older than 16 years old in their training and employability, through different programs and collaborations with companies.


We encourage the creation, financing and teaching of workshops aimed at facilitate their insert in world of work with a personalized itinerant.

These young people will be able to make their curriculum, prepare work interviews. And they will also have basic computer skills and they will develop communicative and emotional abilities for the decision making.

We count with the help of volunteers, academics and companies, that open their doors providing with scholarships for the young people unselfishly.

The scholarship program of #UP2U has as a purpose, to provide young people with intermediate level studies. These scholarships are aimed to young people, who want to continue their studies but they have economic problems. A capacitation plan, that combines theoretic and practical content aimed to the community service.

Those who successfully finish the training program will get an official certificate and they will get a work experience placement with a plan of employment creation, that will be developed with the corporate sector. We pursue, that young people feel fulfilled to collaborate actively, and see the possibility of having a job opportunity for future.

At the same time, the participation of entities will be really important in these workshops for both, positive impacts that could be generated in organizations and how they could benefit participants because of the establishment of networks and the formalization of agreements of collaboration and innovative synergies.